Bhuiyan academy, The British Law School in Bangladesh

Bhuiyan academy, The British Law School in Bangladesh, Education is the backbone of any nation, besides, it leads people towards social awareness,   economic and social development. The literacy rate of people was 73.91 % in 2018, a World Bank survey in Bangladesh from the official recognized source said that. Along with, better literation rate the education system of Bangladesh is developing. Students not only acquiring their knowledge from Bangladeshi institutions but also   good portions are embracing international Education, going abroad.

The University of London is one of the greatest, recognized universities in world .The University of London is one of the biggest and top-class universities in the United Kingdom by the modernizing education process and easy distance learning /international program.  Almost 120,000 students are developing their career from The University of London in London, more than 50000 students across 190 countries equipping by University of London international program.

The University of London claim that that, they are torch bearer to make students self-discipline, critical thinking and problem -solving master. The genesis of British law Education (Barrister’s education local saying) is pioneered  by Barrister Rabeya Bhuiyan .A   remarkable year of 1989 She instituted “Bhuiyan academy” an educational institute for international and distance learning process which highlights their great achievement  600 students as a qualified Barrister, prominent government officials,   members of  parliament, Law faculty members, Justice of Supreme court. Even this institution claims themselves as a great contributor to social, legal, acknowledgement development. Bhuiyan academy was awarded an Education award by “Education Watch” for their contribution and development in legal areas for Bangladesh, both in the year 2008 and 2009.Bhuiyan academy   is one of the recognized institutions for distance learning process of University of London.

It is a proponent of international Education in Bangladesh and   representative of distance learning. Their achievements and pride should be excellently marked. Besides, “Bhuiyan academy “in 2004 a highly qualified British Law teaching university instituted in Dhaka, named “London College of Legal Studies LCLS (SOUTH).”Though this institution was established 16 years ago their teaching qualifications, good management systems, modernized technology on the campus have assessed them on the frontline. This law teaching institution is organized and navigated by “Shahariar Sadat”   the Course Coordinator, Barrister Khaled Hamid Chowdhury, the Head of Laws, and Mr.

 Abdul Hamid Chowdhury, the Principal. Last few years this institution has gained its popularity a great extent for reasonable tuition fees, and succession in examination by students. Many law aspiring students who are not able to go abroad such as United Kingdom or other countries are enthusiast over accomplish their education here. Basically, a good management system, qualified faculty members, performance of students are the cornerstone of success and achievement.

Though there have much  British law teaching institutions are situated in Bangladesh, but Bhuyian academy” and London College of Legal Studies LCLS (SOUTH) are still marked for higher performance and outstanding results by students every year  ,the  examination which is held by  British Council Dhaka , supervised  by “University of London  “ International program. British School of law is situated Baridhara Diplomatic Zone, Dhaka. Like “Bhuiyan Acamedy“ and “London College of Legal Studies LCLS (SOUTH ) , British School of Law provide students good quality teaching , reasonable tuition fees, learning and resource center , law books and journals .  Facilities of WIFI. Based on the syllabuses of the University of London International Program British School of Law offers   education   support and seminars, model test, lecture plans. Even , British School of Law is a qualified competitor of ““Bhuiyan Acamedy “ and  “London College of Legal Studies LCLS (SOUTH)  , British Law Education in Bangladesh  headed by Politican Andallev Rahman Partho , principle and Nusrat khan , Vice principle .Since 2000 after the establishment of the “New castle “law academy in Dhaka is optimistic for the best quality education support to the students and recently this institution has established progress and honor in the field of legal education in Bangladesh .

The Vision of New castle law academy to become a success in highest rank by providing students all logistical supports as a recognized institution of “University of London “International and Distance learning program in Bangladesh. Every year bulk of students admit themselves British law institutions determining accomplish law degree from here as international distance learning student. Enthusiasm towards British law learning a good example of that, students are deeming themselves enough strong to accomplish their academic carrier as an international student.

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