How to get admission in faculty of business studies in Dhaka University

To get admission to oneself in faculty of business studies of “Dhaka University”, is a dream of every “Business department “student of Bangladesh. Dhaka University is the best universities in Bangladesh, which was pioneered by “Nawab” Sir “Khwaja Salimullah”. The University of Dhaka has consisted of 13 Faculties and 83 Departments. The University of Dhaka has many historical achievements for the country. One of them is “Language Movement 1952” and the” liberation war of Bangladesh 1971”.Many of students of “Dhaka University” scarified their blood during language movement, liberation war and democracy. After the successful pass of H.S.C examination, every student who pursues their carrier as a ‘business department “student wants to admit in faculty of business studies in Dhaka University. Students of the Business department keep the University of Dhaka as their first choice to admission which is beyond controversy. The main reason behind their preferring is, not only the best university in Bangladesh for all department and all faculties (including faculty of business studies) but also a good quality of education and management system, qualified faculty members, equipped libraries, good environment. Therefore, students keep it as their first choice. All of this mentioned attribution has peaked the position of Dhaka University very high. What is essential to get admission is described below.

Students keep it as their first choice, though there has a high competition to get admission hereto get admission in faculty of business studies of Dhaka University, not only keep students busy surrounding education but also shows the dream of an iconic future. This is the main reason why every year many students want to get admission in Dhaka University. To get admit as a student of Dhaka University, every student needs higher contemplation which is beyond controversy. There has a proverb that, the industry is the key to success. The students who get selected in the examination have brilliancy and contemplation. . What is essential to get admission is describing here. This examination is held under “C unit” of the University of Dhaka. PA 7.50 is essential requirements to participate in the test, from the H.S.C, Diploma in business studies and business management examination and S.S.C. Diploma in Business Studies and Business management group students should have an issue of accounting, they should achieve at least grade “B” of that subject. The students who have aboard certificate may apply to faculty of business studies of “Dhaka University “by the approval of faculty. Total admission seat for the student is 1170. The examination process is shaped with multiple -choice question, in contrast, the calculator is not allowed in the examination hall during the admission test by Dhaka University authority.

Selecting students merit list will be decided on the based on number acquired in the admission test and the grade point of S.S.C and H.S.C .those students who get GPA 6.00 in both S.S.C and H.S.C examination, add 120 number of merit list. Merit list generally formed with the total number of 200. During exam 60 marks are allocated for 60 MCQ and one hour for examination. Also, 120 number is allocated for five subjects, referable that, Bengali, English, Marketing, management, and accounting. It is notified that the students who are selected will require to provide all academic certificate, mark sheets testimonial etc. All of these documents must be verified by the legalperson. Any incomplete and defaulted “form “will be revoked automatically, the authority will not be liable for that. A testimonial is compulsory from the head of the institution where the students studied.” Quota “related information facilities will be given during the online application process. It is prohibited to bring calculator, mobile phone, electronics devices during admission test examination. The admission test result will be published online by later notification.

Every student is an enthusiast to be a student of Dhaka University. How to get admission in faculty of business studies in Dhaka University has described above. Many of Brilliant students dream veins to found them as a student of Dhaka University, as there has specified and allocated seats every year. As a result of paucity of the seats, every aspiring student undergoes a completion. In long run, few lucky ingenious finally selected by the examination. It is necessary to know, what is essential to get admission for every applicant. From the Genesis, University of Dhaka has enabled themselves the best universities in Bangladesh. Even, the University of Dhaka considered themselves as a “Torchbearer” for other universities. This university hasa better environment to get an education. Every student of Dhaka University founds them lucky. After accomplishment from the study here, there has an available job for the students of this university, though a good CGPA should be needed. By Contemplation and sacrifice, a man can reach his goal. High competitor and good quality of education amplify why Students keep it as their first choice to get admission.

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