How to get admission in the faculty of Social Science to Dhaka University

How to get admission in the faculty of Social Science to Dhaka University has become a talk of the topic among students who want to admit there. Since the genesis of this university, Dhaka University / the University of Dhaka, whatever people address them not only has confined their credibility only in the country but also widespread across the globe. This is the main reason why every year most of the students who pass HSC / Equivalence degree, aspire to admit the University of Dhaka and this is the dream of many students in the country to be students of this university. Dhaka University established in 1921 which was pioneered by Nawab Bahadur Sir Khwaja Salimullah . The University of Dhaka present consist of 83 departments and 13 faculties. Each of the faculties and Departments forms with best lecturers, dean, management system, library facilities, laboratory facilities which are core requirements for students. But, to get admitted in the University of Dhaka is difficult as there have high competition take place every year. The University of Dhaka holds examination process selecting students to quality for study here .It should discuss before, why students keep it their first choice. Lastly, it can be discussed here, what are the requirements to admit.

Why students keep it their first choice. This is inevitable that most of the students around the globe seek to admit a good institution for equipping their knowledge and wisdom. From a good institution, a student not only acquire educational knowledge but explore their creativity, industry and introspect themselves. This s is for various reasons such as, surrounding good environment, embracing good souls beside them, getting good lecturer as their future developing guide. Dhaka University / university of Dhaka since the genesis of the journey is promising to give their best effort for students who admit here. A student who generally admits here footsteps towards successful life attaching the best education from here.  The cost of the tuition fees of the university of Dhaka is very cheap than other universities in this country. There have many poor students in our country who cannot afford their education due to the imbalance with education cost. But there has an amenity studentwho is actually poor but meritorious to build their shining future by studying here. This university has ‘kota ‘opportunity for destitute students. Whatever Dhaka University bestow upon their students that are cheaper, better, equitable this context is beyond controversy and everyone admit it.

 Now, this point can be discussed, How to get admission in the faculty of Social Science to Dhaka University.  The examination is held under “kha “or “B “unit. The faculty of Social Science and allocated seats for each subject  are mentioning here, “Economics 50 seats”, “International relations 52 seats”, “Political Science 102 seats “, “ Mass Communication and Journalism 34 seats”, “Social Science 12 seats “,  “Anthropology 32 seats” ,” Public Administration 51 seats”, “Population Science 14 seats “, “Development Studies 14 seats “, “Women and Gender Studies 03 seats”,” Peace and Conflict Study 12 seats “ ,” Television, Film, and Photography 13 seats “,” Communication Disorder 21 seats “,” Printing and Publication 10 seats “,” Japanese Studies 15 seats” ,” Criminology 21 seats”. For the B Unit, candidates must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 in SSC and HSC exams separately with a total GPA of 7.00.  Applicants have to appear examination, held by the University of Dhaka Authority. University of Dhaka authority organizes and forms marks 100 numbers, 40 marks for MCQ test, 40 marks for written test and rest 20 marks for CGPA. Here, it has been mentioned, How to get admission in the faculty of Social Science to Dhaka University and what are the requirements to admit. Every year, many students appear the examination to be a student of the University of Dhaka. But it is inevitable that to be a student of Dhaka University is difficult as students have to encounter competitive examination. From thousands of students, those who are selected, should prove their credibility, wisdom. This is not an easy task rather every students who at least appear to the Dhaka University examination gear up themselves for a long duration by studying. This is the core spell to be successful.

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