How to get immigration from Greece –

How to get immigration from Greece has become a talk of the topic among people who want to migrate there. Greece is a developed, beautiful, and relatively high GDP country.  It is a truth that immigration has become today a common topic, but this stream is not new. People have a good aptitude to stay and work in a better place. The people of developing countries, most of them, wish to move to a better country, to fulfill the aspect of their life. As the developing countries still lack many development criteria, security problems, job problems, and high corruption, therefore when most of the people of these developing countries get an opportunity to move to a better and developed country by the immigration process, they embrace it gladly. Though few people access illegally to any states to find a job or other purposes, they are strictly penalized by the governments of developed countries. Gradually, the whole procedure of immigration is becoming tougher than at any previous time. Move to the point, why Greece is a good choice for immigration. Like many other developed countries, people see many facilities to move there.  Another question may be, what are the requirements to immigrate there are.

Why Greece is a good choice for immigration?  To move there may lie many reasons.  Greece has one of the best climates in the world. The spirit of this country is surrounded by the greatest historical background, splendid architecture, and cultural fusion. The country is very peaceful, here most of the people from unique cultural identities live together.  In Greece, people embrace infield and friendly. Most of the people here are candid, peace-loving, and creative. The crime rate of this country is low and it is safe for the foreigner. For cultural, heretical, and historical purposes many foreigners gather here regularly.  Food products are very cheap in Greece.  Though it is difficult to find a job in that country when someone does not know the Greek language. But when someone becomes fluent in that language it becomes easy for him. Though the salary of per income people is low, the living cost of Greece is also lower than other European Countries.  As a developed country Greece is not lack education, health, IT sectors but like other EU and developed country Greece maintains a high standard. Overall, it is a splendid idea to move there by consideration.

At the local municipal station, within 30 days of arrival in Greece older must apply in person for a residence/work permit. The application may be formed at the police station in some territory.  The applicants must procure a tax number (AFM) from the local tax office, from the Social Security Institute, a social security number before applying for a residence permit. From the nearest, it may be possible to take a Social Security Institute number. Residence permits application forms may be taken from the local municipal office.  To get an application form may be possible at a Citizens Service Office.

To get a residence permit the following documents are necessary.


– Passport

– 2 photographs passport size

– Health insurance and certificate.

–  refer right local address

-to prove that one can help himself during his resource, research, and education.

Besides, after the termination of the residence/work permit, it is required to the application must be admitted for renewal to the local municipal office, minimum before 60 days. For renewal it is required that are, “legal passport” , “photocopy of all pages in the passport”, “original residence/work permit’s certified copy” , in  the Greek language a completed  application form  . The duration of the procedure may take approximately 30 days.  It has briefly shown, how to get immigration from Greece. The essential elements, what are the requirements to immigrate there are mentioned above. In recent time, it is investable that the immigration process is harder and time- consuming than the previous time, the reason lies in the illegal immigrant problem, geopolitical conflict, and refugee issues. Though United Nations are more proactive to eliminate all these problems, but a question may still exist how it will take. Immigration policy is a legal process, to get work, to get the resident permit, to get j the job depends on applicants legal certificate and immigration rules of applying country.

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