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How to get immigration from Qatar has become a common topic among people who seek to migrate there. Immigration is not a common topic present time, rather exodus of people to stay another place has started since evolution. There have many reasons behind immigrations political immigration, education immigration, business /investment immigration, job immigration, economic immigration etc. But, overall people move one place to another place to stay and lead a better life with a better environment. This is not a new concept that the people have an aptitude to lead a better lifestyle. Mainly the people from poor and developing countries try to move in developed countries because in their countries they are deprived of necessities and this is a common reason. It is inevitable that gradually the immigration policy and rules are going to be stricter. Recent time, the refugee problem and rising political instability/terrorism are the gruesome problems, the developed states/countries still lack many policies to tackle this problem. Therefore, it is found that developed countries are making their immigration policy very stricter than the previous time.  It should at first discuss here that why Qatar is a good choice for immigration and what are the requirements for immigration there are.

A question may arise why Qatar is a good choice for immigration? First, it can talk about social and public security about Qatar. People seek security for them and their family members. The crime rate in Qatar is lower than many Middle East country and the government is much concern about public safety .Credits should be given to the government of Qatar as they deserve it. The tax -free salary system in Qatar has given enthusiasm for many job seekers, to work there as an employee. Even, this tax- free system is most important amenity for any employee. In addition, Qatar is introduced them self as one of the richest countries in this world, so there have many opportunities for job seekers, investors, sponsor or. Even, Qatar is organizing ‘FIFA World Cup Football   2022’ in their country. Though the national language in Qatar is Arabic English is considered is a second language, therefore, it is very much facilitating for non-Qatar citizen to cope with there. Even, this country has 65 international schools instructing in English in Doha city alone. Health care system of Qatar is good even they maintain high the standard. National Health insurance gives cheap to care for many people.

The rules which execute the employment of workers in Qatar are governed by law No. 14 of 2004 of the labour law, administered by the Labour Department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The employment process for Qatar is very a complicated issue for traditional Kafala sponsorship system which binds the employee to the employer. In addition ,  the first way to register the business entity with” The immigration department of the General Directorate of Borders, Passports and Expatriate Affairs “ at the ministry of interior to apply for a work permit. This is the most essential documents for employers which are required.

-Trade license copy

-The Business registration’s copy

– Representative’s two colour passport -sized photos

– Passport copy pf all authorized signatories, representatives/ business owners

Before someone access to Qatar, it is the responsibility of the employer to acquire an employment visas for each of them who are hired. Under a visit visa, there has a possibility of access into Qatar of the employee who can then apply for an employment visa. Until the employment visa is acquired the work must not commerce. This documents and information must be admitted to the Ministry of Labour by the employer to acquire an employment visa.

-Four passport size photos

-passport copy of the employer

-Business immigration card

–full application form completed in Arabic

-A valid employment contract between employee and sponsoring company.

– The business commercial registration copy.

For within 7 working days of the employee’s arrival in Qatar, work permit compulsorily is arranged. After agreed upon an employment arrangement generally this can be done. A medical certificate of the employee should be obtained before an application for the work permit is submitted. After issuing a medical certificate, the application for work and residence permit can be applied for. The necessary requirements   for work permit is given below.

-Contract of employment

– The employee’s medical certificate

– The business immigration card

– The employees’ passport – sized photos

-The employee’s passport copy

-Employment Visa

– Important educational documents

When the employment visa and work permit are approved and copies are given to the employee, he/she may visit Qatar, he/she may collect the visa from the airport. The residence permit applications starts which transform the work entry visa to a residence permit, whereabouts the employee may not leave the country. The employer lodge’s the residence permit application within 7 days of arrival it must be commenced.   How to get immigration from  Qatar and are the requirements for immigration there are have discussed above.

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