How to get immigration from Russia –

How to get immigration from Russia has become a talk of the topic among those who wish to migrate there. Russia is located in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. According to the 2011 estimate show that 146,748,590 and total area (17,125,191 k.m . Square), and capital is Moscow. The economy of Russia is the world’s eleventh-largest by nominal GDP and the sixth-largest by PPP. Sixteenth-most visited country in the world is Russia. So, this is a brief introduction to Russia. People are inevitably by born have an aptitude to stay in a better place with a better environment. The concept of immigration is people leave their household to stay in a better place with a lovely live hood. Immigration has started by this developed thought of people. People move their place to stay a better place with a better environment this is just a concept of immigration. Education immigration, economic immigration, Political immigration, environmental immigration, Business /investment immigration, security immigration have included present time as a common type of immigration. Why Russia is a good choice for immigration. This question must answer at first. Later, it can discuss, what are the requirements to immigrate there are.

Why Russia is a good choice for immigration? This means, why people want to move there. Russia has one of the greatest cultures, best museums, and one of the world’s most splendid cities. The economy of this country, Russia, one of the fastest -growing in the world, and many international companies are establishing their operations there. As a result, the job market of Russia is booming. There has a good healthcare system in Russia that gives a good service. In the last, few decades crime rates of Russia is dropping and now even there is a low crime rate there. Russian education intuitions maintain a high standard. Russia is a safe place for  tourists and immigrants. Russia has a unique cultural fusion, when people get familiar with the surrounding people, they find the people of Russia are friendly, good, and polite.  The most important thing is that though immigration in Russia is not an easy job to get but visiting there as a tourist is much easier. Though the price of products is expensive there that affordable in accommodation, products, and entertainment. People can easily adjust to their income. So, here has mentioned, why Russia is a good choice for immigration?

It is important to note that the Russian government has implemented regulations as to the foreign citizens who are eligible to get residence permits (temporary and permanent). Foreign persons who want to get Russian residency must prove they know the Russian language. To apply for residence permits in Russia, these categories people are exempt, from certain requirements when applying for residence permits in Russia: those who are below 18 or above 60 years old must not demonstrate they speak Russian, students enrolled with Russian universities or other schools can get temporary residence permits, who specialize in specific subjects which are sought by Russian companies are also exempt from the requirements, those foreigners who has an acquaintance from  Russia and who want to move back to Russia. The temporary residence visa gives a foreign citizen equal social rights as anyother Russian citizen. For three years, a temporary residence permit is given. Temporary residence permits are given by the Federal Migration Service. To get a temporary residence permit, these must fulfill the following criteria by any foreigner I. Must have been born in Russia, II. Must have a Russian family member, III. To do business must invest in Russia. After holding a temporary residence visa for two years, a Russian permanent residence permit may be gotten. Apart from any limitation, the Russian permanent residence permit has a five-year validity period and can be extended. On yearly basis, the temporary residence visa, must be verified. There have few essential documents needed for required for obtaining a “Russian residence permit” , ”application form “, ‘legal passport’ , “income evidence “, “health certificate”. So, here, it has mentioned, what are the requirements to immigrate there are. How to get immigration from Russia, the answer to this question mentioned including requirements, documents, necessary criteria.

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