Sonali bank SSC scholarship 2021 –

Sonali Bank SSC scholarship 2020 was launched recently. The magnanimous and benevolent effort of Sonali Bank Limited is praiseworthy. Sonali Bank Limited has established them as a principle state-owned leading public commercial bank. The Scholarship is considered to be an award given to financial incapable students. In our country Bangladesh, Scholarship is mainly based on merit and need.

The problem of poverty is the main reason behind   many poor students to quiet their “education “earlier .To build a harmonious society and a stable country, education should be considered as a potential element. The educational carrier of the poor student is reshaped to focus on education by scholarship. Poor and meritorious student need to get the scholarship and higher education, thus students can prove themselves at top position .The unprivileged Students are benefited by Scholarship. Poverty which is a gruesome problem exists everywhere in Bangladesh mainly in rural areas. Due to the lack of money when a student quiets his “education” , it is” inauspicious thing “for the  society .Without education a student still remains illiterate , in long run he suffers job and unemployment problem .Also, unemployment is highly depended on economic activity.

The Scholarship is provided to help to reduce the economic load in an educational carrier. Disadvantaged are benefited by scholarship. Recent times, there have multiple reasons why higher education is essential. Scholarship tries to reduce rising cost of educational fees and give a chance to poor meritorious students pursuing their passion. After educational carrier every student chases for a good job. Poor, freedom fighter’s son, and disabled students are benefited by the scholarship of “Sonali bank limited” .Scholarship award certainly reduces the education cost of a poor student. To achieve the Educational scholarship of Sonali Bank Limited is not an easy job, there have requirements for Sonali Bank Limited Scholarship. Every applicant has to fulfil the requirement of Sonali bank SSC scholarship for applying.

The Sonali Bank Scholarship is accessible to students of high school, undergraduate, graduates and postgraduates.Disadvantaged are benefited by scholarship. Recently .authority of Sonali Bank Limited has launched “Sonali bank   SSC scholarship 2020”.Though Scholarship is given to the poverty-stricken students Sonali bank limited gives scholarship poor, son of freedom fighter and disable students also. Sonali bank Limited ask to GPA 5.00 for poor and son of freedom fighter from both city and rural area. Those students who are disabled ask to GPA 3.50. Student needs to show their family income maximum 15000 takamonthly.

Necessary documents for Sonali bank Scholarship

1Testimonial from the educational institution.

2. All academic certificate, mark sheets, the transcript must be attested

3. Certificate of freedom fighter for their son

4. Autistic certificate from District Social service office should be collected from UP Chairman Testimonial of monthly income is essential

The incomplete application form of Scholarship and lack of documents will be considered as disqualified. On a fixed date,Sonali bank limited announces few selective students name for a scholarship which is given by them. The Sonali Bank authority publishes on the official website of the Sonali bank limited students who are selected for the “scholarship award” .Sonali Bank limited always retains its transparency to award students.Poor, freedom fighter’s son, and disabled students are benefited by the scholarship of Sonali bank limited.

Sonali bank limited has started their “scholarship” program since last few years. The social welfare program of Sonali bank limited has gained fame already. Not only the Sonali bank Limited   but also many other banks of Bangladesh gives the benefit of scholarship emphasizing their social condition, physical ability and contribution for the country.

This should be a high priority of every government to remove the curse of illiteracy from the grass- root level. But this is not as easy as pie, at the same time everyone must admit that government will not able to cope with this alone. Even people of our country confess the repercussion of unemployment and joblessness. As a result of joblessness, a society encounters many offences. Social stability is linked to the economy .To live a harmonious society education is themost essential weapon. To weep out the problem of unemployment and illiteracy people can dream of a stable society.

Government and the private bank should come forward with this scholarship and financial service to help the poor, destitute and disable students. Sonali Bank SSC scholarship 2020 one of the social welfare phenomena which took place recently. Now, Sonali bank is very much enthusiasm over their social program in various form to explore the social welfare and development .Like other banks, Sonali Bank limited ask to fulfil criteria to get Scholarship. Mainly Sonali bank” scholarship” is allocated for poor, disable, sons of freedom fighter, autistic students. But it is aforementioned, Sonali bank limited gives few lucky selective among them. Really, Disadvantaged are benefited by scholarship.

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