How to develop a carrier by studying at Arts & Humanities

How to develop a carrier by studying at Arts & Humanities, is a popular topic among students who are studying in this field. At first, it should give a brief that, what is the faculty of Arts dealt with. This department dealt with literature, language, philosophy, history, culture, the passion of people, creativity and imitation etc. There has a huge difference between this Arts faculty and faculty of commerce, faculty of Science. Every, every department and faculties emphasize on separate issues. Recently, though students are not encouraged to study in many subjects of Arts due to lack of job by studying these subject. But a student can develop his carrier by studying this field with many options. Those students who are the disciples of this field they learn how to analysis, make criticize, explore creativity and learn ethnicity and languages. Though many students are veering their mind taking science and business studies as their first choice but still many students are enthusiast over this subject. There have many reasons behind it, this subject explores human imagination and creativity more than any conceptual knowledge. This subject is very much unique as it seeks many different levels of the student who is creative and meritorious. The subject of Arts and humanities are history, literature, languages and writing, Philosophy, Performing arts, Visual and studio art, Media and communications studies,” Archaeology”,” Music” ,”Dance” , “linguistic” etc . This is the example of subjects in Arts & Humanities. It can be said that like commerce and science faculty this subject offers a good carrier for students. The students who are studying in these disciples may develop creative potential and independent carrier.

In the perspective of Bangladesh, students are entitled to study at Arts and humanities subject along with two other subject commerce and science in class 9. The subjects are here logic, economics, sociology, Islamic history and culture, social work and history, Civic and good governance, geography. A student must compulsory study this subject until SSC examination. At HSC level a student must seek profound knowledge regarding this subject, which forms with part 1 and part 2. At HSC students have to seek knowledge regarding this subject. After HSC examination students have plenty of subject to study at honours and Masters. In Bangladesh, there has a huge subject on the faculty of Arts & Humanities. Faculty of Arts & Humanities embraces students of science and commerce at honours level with required GPA. The subjects of Arts and humanities are the department of Bengali, Arabic, English, Sanskrit, Pali/Buddhist, philosophy, Islamic studies, journalism, Fashion Design, Islamic History and culture, theatre and performing studies, linguistic, Music, world religion and culture etc. Faculty of Arts offers lucrative carrier for students as a well-developed, independent, creative, innovative carrier.
Most of the students of Bangladesh, seeks a job after accomplishing their education. Though many people say that it is critical to find a job at this field very quickly after education .the real problem is that people even students are lack of understanding the spirit of the department of “Arts and Humanities”. In this most of the departments are based on language, culture, innovation, creativity, passion etc meanwhile, other departments are conceptual, innovation practical knowledge- based. A student may develop an independent and creative carrier after studying at “Arts and Humanities’ .But a valid point is those students are eagerness for a job, they should think it before.

Department of “Arts and Humanities’ hardly embrace those students who are in hurry for a job. This is the main point that the department of “Arts and Humanities’ are unique than other subjects. Students should know more about the spirit of “Arts and humanities’ before analysis how to develop a carrier by studying at “Arts & Humanities”. The subjects of “Arts and Humanities’ are unique, innovative and creative. Innovation and creativity explore human imagination, inner power and the human spirit. The students who study at this find may be lucky to learn about history, language, culture, creativity etc. Though it is mentioned before Arts and Humanities’ hardly embrace those students who are in hurry for a job but still these subjects offer a good carrier for students which is potential, innovative and creative.

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