How to develop a carrier by studying at commerce-

How to develop a carrier by studying at commerce is a popular topic among students of commerce. Commerce /business studies is a common and popular subject all around the world in the present time. There has a word that, In Bangladesh, the students who fail to take science as their first choice, most of them accept commerce as their second choice. But this is not true because in Bangladesh, many of students are encouraged over business and commerce studies. Commerce is referred to policy among economic agent to exchange of goods, the economic transaction between buyer and seller. But commerce does not confine themselves only one definition which named in ancient time. Rather, accounting, marketing, economy, and finance all these hypothetical contexts derived from the definition of commerce. Modern times, life is easier by the hand of science, so all economic and business transaction has become more precise and flexible. In bank, office, business and trade center all transaction are computerized. Students want to be chartered accounted, business magnet, Economic specialist as their aim in life. In Bangladesh, the subjects of commerce are Finance & Banking, Accounting, and Business Ent. The field of Commerce offers a lucrative carrier for students.

In the perspective of Bangladesh, when students appear in the field of commerce get compulsory few subjects. The subjects of Commerce are “Accounting”, “Finance and banking “, “Business Entrepreneurship” besides other general subjects which are the subjects of “commerce”. Since 2 years before SSC examination students have to study these” commerce subject” .By studying this subject one student access to the basic knowledge of commerce, business studies and economy which is essential for him. At least, one student can completely acknowledge regarding main concepts in this field before SSC. There has a good benefit to study this subject that, it is not required to establish “club “and “lab” like the “ Department of Science “. Still in many schools and colleges in Bangladesh, their laboratory are not well equipped which is very problematic for science students. Though by tireless efforts and funding of Government previous scenario has changed dramatically. After SSC examination one student is completely entitled to pursue his education at the field of “commerce” and willingly he may change his subject by pursuing his study at the field of “Arts”. The student who pursue his education at the field of “commerce” go through more profound knowledge and contemplation regarding the subjects of Accounting”, “Finance and banking “, “Business Entrepreneurship.” Students of Commerce at HSC studying acquire a more profound knowledge “Accounting”, “Business Organization and Management”,” .Now, it can make the discussion of how to develop carrier by studying at Commerce. But, the question is beyond controversy that, how to build a carrier by studying at commerce. Commerce offers a lucrative carrier for students who pursue it.

After HSC examination a student may reshuffle their field, taking Arts at honors level. Though many students change their subject due to not get admitted into the desiring faculty. Honours level generally forms with 3-4 years. The subjects of commerce are in honours levels are Management, Accounting, Marketing, Finance & Banking, BBA, IBA, Department of banking insurance, Management information studies etc. This mentioned subjects’ offer depending on many colleges and universities. It can be said obviously that, Commerce and business studies aim to build a standard business and economic policy promoting advertisement and marketing. It is dream many of students to be a “Business magnet”, “Chartered Accounted,” “Accounts officer”,and Economy specialist. In previous time these labelled were unknown among many students and people. It is wide spreading how to develop a carrier by studying at “Commerce and Business “faculty is a popular topic among students. In previous time, students were encouraged to study at “science “and “commerce “but now this scenario has totally changed. Students are veering to study at commerce to build their life destiny. World scenario is changing day by day. There has a lot of industries, Business Companies, factories, textiles are set upping frequently though still there has economic deficit recently. Employees are needed who are generally specialized in the field of Commerce and Business studies. The field of Commerce offers a lucrative carrier for students. How to develop a carrier by studying at commerce is a concerning matter among students who newly appear in class 9 selecting the field of commerce.

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