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How to get immigration from Malaysia has become a talk of the topic among people who want to migrate to Malaysia. Migration and immigration these footsteps are common phenomena since the time of evolution. People have the aptitude to move one place to another for the betterment of life and work. The pure definition of Immigration is people move another state/country leaving their homeland for some specific purposes. There have many reasons for the migration of people. People migrate one place to another for educational purposes, job /business and employment, better lifestyle, family reunion, to avoid social conflict, to live a healthy environment. In a developing country, people encounter various problems which are gruesome. In the developing country, people face employment/job problem, national conflict, lack of public security, the price hike of foods and many more. When people of developing country suffer a lot they try to move others with a better lifestyle and environment. But a developing country or poor country still lack many footsteps to all of these. It is better to talk about why to migrate to Malaysia before how to get immigration from Malaysia and what is the requirement for immigration.

Now, it can be discussed here why to migrate to Malaysia? Malaysia is famous for tourist destination and also a good place to settle down. More than 100 people migrate to Malaysia every year. Malaysia has a healthy environment to live in .Malaysia is labelled as a politically stable country with multicultural circumstances. English is a common language their as a result from all over the world people may easily adapt there. Malaysia has a good economy with a projected GDP growth of 4-5 % in 2018. Malaysia has a strict “law and statute” for public security and retains the rule of law all over the country. Even, the Education system of Malaysia is highly praiseworthy, all of the educational institutions are equipped with modem technology, good management system and proficient lectures. Malaysian food is the multiethnic makeup of its people. Malaysian has also a good health care system for its population which is generally two types’ public and private health care system. According to the “International Living Annual Global Retirement Index “Malaysia has topped in best health care system in the world of 2019. It is now, necessary to show how to get immigration from Malaysia and necessary requirement for immigration.

Now, it can be discussed here that, how to get migration from Malaysia and what is requirements for immigration. Student visas, work visas and family visas are important. A foreign national should have confirmed admission for a full-time course from any recognized Malaysian Institutions to obtain a student Visa. Visa proposal letter from any institutions may then use to apply for a student visa. Application forms are available online. In Malaysia, International students can work part-time for more or less than 20 hours a week during course breaks. They are not permitted to work at a cash counter by Malaysian Law. The documents which are essential for Visa photocopy of passport, passport -sized photographs, and IELTS test result, copy of the offer letter from the institutions. Secondly, there are three types of work Visas available to people who want to work in Malaysia.

  1. Employment passes
  2. Professional Visa passes
  3. Spouse Visa to Malaysia
    Malaysia greets people of other countries to become long term residents under the program of “Malaysia My Second Home”. This program permits children who are less than 21 years old, older than 10 years as long as meet these economic and medical criteria of the program.
  4. Purchase property by approval of Malaysian Foreign Investment Committee
  5. Buy any transport
  6. Apply for state ID cards
  7. Take responsibility of education to unmarried children
  8. Companies and share markets are invested by them
    This Visa does not allow to work full time in Malaysia. Only those applicants who are more than 50 years may work part -time. Also, these program of Malaysia My Second Home criteria met these criteria.
  9. Applicant must have valid medical insurance
  10. Applicant should undergo medical checkup from any authorized hospital
  11. Applicant should have a liquid asset below or above the age of 50 in Malaysia

Above, it has been shown there how to get immigration from Malaysia and what are the requirements for immigration. Why migrate to Malaysia, as there have many reasons. Malaysia is a peaceful state, it welcomes other citizens, Malaysian people are hardworking and peacemaking, a good tourist place, Strong law to protect the rights of the citizen, a good source of investment and qualified education system etc. A person may think to move Malaysia to get many privileges and amenities. Like other, developed countries people are veering their mind to shift there.

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