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How to get immigration from Poland has become a talk of the topic among those who want to migrate there. People exodus one place to another, to live and lead their life. In addition, people have a common aptitude to lead a better life, as a result of this thought, it pushes people to move from one place to another.  Poland is located in Central Europe, a developed and economically thriving country. Poland is considered to be a regional economic leader in Central Europe. Educational immigration, economic immigration, environmental immigration, employment immigration, political immigration, security immigration are some types of common immigration. Still, developing countries cannot afford their citizens’ requirements to lead life. Employment, public security even fundamental rights are still not enforced properly in developing and poor countries. As a result, citizens of developing and poor countries are destitute in some respect. Sometimes, Immigrate to developed countries is a lucrative opportunity for those people from developing and poor countries. At first, it should discuss here that why Poland is a good choice for immigration. It means, what are the good reasons for people to migrate to Poland. Certainly, the key points should be mentioned here, what are the requirements to immigrate there.

Poland is a great country to move there, though at first foreigners may face many difficulties there with the time, they can adjust there. The education quality in that country is comparatively low than other European Union countries. Even the educational expense is also low. This country belongs valuable cultural and religious history. The mouthwatering cuisine, food is also delicious and famed. The people of this country are helpful, good, generous .this is a safe country to immigrate there and visit there. The people there, polish citizens embrace foreigners easily. To compare many European Union countries, the cost of living expense is low .people can adjust and lead their life with their income easily. It is a very civilized country, the crime rate is very low. There has a great health insurance system. There has an abundance of companies there, people can build their carrier from there. The main thing is that the good environment, polite people, employment availability, the best culture will fascinate people to adjust theirs quickly. So, considering overall punts it is a forwarding thought to move there .so, it is refereed valuable points, why Poland is a good choice for immigration.

When someone residing in Poland for a short period of time under 90 days, to make his visit legal as a third-country national (apart from member states of the Schengen area). Immigration policy legislation of Poland, many types of visas are available, depending on case and circumstances. As Poland is a member state of the Schengen area, there are not required passports and immigration. Third country people, requiring long term visas staying more than 90 days. Sometimes it may be hard to get a Schengen visa directly from Poland for strict immigration rules. For Non –EU, the legislation, and regulation of Poland is enough strict, when it comes to the provision of residence permits. There are three great ways to a residence permit in the Republic of Poland for non-EU citizens. Number 1, establishing /starting a business or company in Poland. Number 2, getting an education from any recognized institution from the Republic of Poland. Number 3 – To attain or get any highly qualified job, employment from the Republic of Poland. A statistic says that establishing a company/start any business is the most foremost way to get a residence permit from the Republic of Poland given by the Ministry of Interior. Three most important documents concerning immigration and residency in the Republic of Poland. 1, Visa, 2.Residence permit documents, 3. Visa. There are many types of visas, transit visas, Short-stay visas, etc. So, it has been mentioned here, what are the requirements to immigrate there? There have visa and residence permits distinguish between EU or non –EU members.  How to get immigration from Poland, depends on various factors certainly. Having all relevant documents, legal papers, and the purpose of immigration streamline the process of immigration. Though this time, the immigration process is harder than the previous time people must follow the immigration rules of any applicant country

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