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How to get immigration from Saudi Arabia has become a talk of the topic among people who aspire to immigrate there. Saudi Arabia is renowned and highly famous for mainly two holy cities of Muslim nation Mecca and Medina. Most of developing and poor countries people Visit Saudi Arabia by employment and labour visa. It is very much common topic is Southern Asia, people from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, Immigrate Saudi Arabia as an employer or labour. Though like many other developed countries Visa and immigration process of Saudi Arabia are much more striker than any other time. There are many types of immigration, Educational immigration, Business/invest immigration, political immigration, employment immigration, economic immigration, Security immigration but these are some of  the common types of immigration. It is investable that as immigration and visa processing to any countries are going to be stronger the law enforcement agencies of those countries keeping an eye to the intruders and illegal immigrants.  At first, it should discuss here why Saudi Arabia is a good choice for immigration. Two important points should be discuss here, the first one is how to get immigration from Saudi Arabia. The Second point is, what the requirements for immigration there are.

Why Saudi Arabia is a good choice for immigration? The answer is not in short. Saudi Arabia is an economic thriving country. People prefer this country for job and earning purposes, the main reason behind this, tax- free salaries.  The savings are higher as salaries are higher here than in other countries. The lifestyle of Saudi Arabian people is standard, the price of products is low.  Saudi Arabian law is sufficient to protect the rights of people, the crime rate of Saudi Arabia is very low and visitors /foreigner may visit cities safely. It has given high priority by the Saudi Arabian government to the health sector as the health sector is gradually systemizing at all levels primary , secondary and tertiary.  In recent decades it is found that the health of Saudi Arabian people is much better. The people of Saudi Arabia is famous for their great hospitality, they greet foreigners.  As it is in its culture and traditions the country is as diverse in its landscapes. Here, it has given a variety of reasons, why Saudi Arabia is a good choice for immigration? Though it can be extended more, the main amenity here for the worker/employer/investor, as they bestowed high priority.

Work Visas are generally sponsored by an employer. Maybe a Saudi company, or a Saudi citizen. The processing steps are, with the Ministry of Interior who will open an “immigration file” an employer must first register. Immigration file will contain all details about expatriate employees with that employer.  The employer who is sponsoring must be a business license, registered in Saudi Arabia. With the Ministry of Labor employer lodges a work visa.  It can be taken for 1-3 months. During the approved of the application, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be advised by the Ministry of Labor. A Visa Authorization number will be issued by the Ministry of Foreign affairs within 1-2 weeks. Under the instruction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi embassy issues work visa. In addition, it is necessary for the employee applies to the Saudi embassy. It must be admitted an application form and necessary documents to the embassy by the employee. It may take times to proceed. With the Ministry of Labour an application must be filed on arrival. When gets approve from the Ministry of labour to issue the residence permit t will be forwarded to Ministry of Interior.  From the ministry of labour the employer will need to acquire the work permit to show at the time of applying for the resident permit to the passport office. The issuing time for resident permit takes 1-2 weeks. The resident permit should be carried by all time by the employee to prove all the legal rights to stay and work in Saudi Arabia. It has shown at first, how to get immigration from Saudi Arabia. The Second point is, what the requirements for immigration there are. To any developed or developing country immigration or visits are  legal process with valid documents, authorization and take time.

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