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How to get immigration from us has become a talk of the topic among people who want to migrate there. To get a residency or immigration from US is a dream for many people. Us as one of the developed country in the world. Us is not considered as a superpower only but also considered successful in other sectors such as education, treatment service, computer technology, pharmacy, a research center on various context, business/investment etc. though it is inevitable that, people had always a dream to stay in a better place with a better environment so, people to fulfil their desiring dream they move one place to another when they get a chance. But gradually the law of immigration is going to harder than previous time, a cruel truth is that. There has much more reason behind this for immigration and migration dilemma. Geopolitical conflicts, rising terrorism, refugee and intruder problems are a gruesome problem which long- is existing here. States are compelling to amend the statute to tackle recent problems. It can be optimized that by multilateral treaties bilateral treaties and talk, mutual negotiation and the strong role of UN and powerful/developed nations will mitigate the problem in some extent. It can discuss here a good point why us is a good choice for immigration. What are the requirements for there are should also be mentioned here as a valid point.

It is aforementioned that to find oneself in the United States in one of the greatest opportunity. The reason behind this is multiculturalism. Here, many people from different origin live together peacefully. People comparatively feel safe here as this country law and statue give the highest priority to protect the rights of the citizen. In the US the technology is very cheap, even the internet people use, and is an invention from US defense Pentagon. As the internet and technology are very cheap here, all over the people from the US easily afford it. In the US, the hospitals and clinics are technologized modernized and easily accessible for all. Not only the law and statute system of the US is good, but in the US they have a disciplined, proficient army which is the best in the world. So, people of the US feel very proud and have a patriotism to exist there. There has few only reason it has shown here, why us is a good choice for immigration. There has more and more reasons, it could talk about why us is a good choice for immigration.

To apply for an immigrant visa, a foreign natural must get a sponsored by someone who is applicant’s permanent residing US relative, a citizen of US and before applying for an immigrant visa should give an approved petition. By filing a petition on the foreign citizen’s behalf the sponsor began with this procedure U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). There are generally two types of Visa, Family-based visa and Employment-based visa. Family -based visa is for those who have a family member who is the citizen of the US. Employment-based visa in which a proposal of a job from any US employer.  To obtain an Immigrant Visa the main steps are discussing here, someone needs a sponsor who files an immigrant petition when the petition is approved, there is a visa application for the category of someone. One has to do this by a U.S. consulate abroad. A medical examination is compulsory here and which is the most efficient procedure for any immigration process. After going through medical examination one will be seated for an interview, whereabouts he will be scrutinized .After one will receive any decision on their application. For family type visa these are the key requirements. By submitting a petition from permeant residing petitioner from the  US ,  though filling from  the petition is most of from inside the US but it is also very much possible filing certain types of petitions outside the United States.  When someone exists in the US he should not apply for immigrant Visa, rather through an adjustment of status can apply for a Green Card.  As the US has peaked their position to the way of development, most of the people see a dream to get immigration or Green card from US. How to get immigration from the US broadly mentioned here. It has also mentioned what are the requirements for there are.

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