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How to get immigration from Singapore has become a common topic among those people who aspire to migrate to Singapore. Singapore is one of the developed countries in the world. Generally, people want to migrate one place to another place for various grounds. Economic migration, business migration, investment/job migration, education migration, security migration, political migrations are such common types of migration. Genetically people have an aptitude to move to another place to lead a better life.  By analyzing the fate of developing or poor countries it can be found that they encounter various social, economic, job and security problem in their countries. Therefore, finding suitable circumstances they footstep to a better and developed place. This is one of the common reason for immigration, but present time by the era of globalization moving one country to another include economic , business ,investment reason. Even, many poor and developing countries there have public security dilemma, inadequacy law and order compel many citizens to leave their country. As a developed country Singapore is a preferable choice to move. It should at first discuss why Singapore is a good choice for immigration. How to get immigration from Singapore and what are the requirements to migrate there is emphasizing topic here.

A question may arise here, why Singapore is a good choice for immigration?  Singapore is one of the developed country in Asia, a great country for immigration. Singapore is one of the best country whereabouts foreigners can work, it is a good country for foreigners for a friendly environment. People can easily migrate there and adopt the lifestyle of the Singaporean people. This country is considered as a linguistic diversity for people. Singapore has one of the greatest healthcare systems in the world,Singapore has achieved universal health coverage through a mixed financing system. The people health care system is governed and financed by the government and health insurance for people who are residing in that country is mandatory. Singapore educational institute maintains a high standard, even Singapore has many intentional school for students all around the world. It is a dream for many students to visit Singapore and seek their knowledge from Singapore. As a developed country, the Singaporean government is very much concern about public security and safety, the crime rate is comparatively here is lower. In the year 2020 Singapore’s economic freedom score is 89.4 pushing its freest economy in the world.

In the Lion city, foreigners who are relocating to Singapore need an employment visa rather than an employment visa. But there a wide range of opportunities for work visas. Though this passes valid just for two years this does not give permanent residency. Singapore work visas requirement is  given below.

-Holding a legal passport

– One has to 18 years or above

-Within the scope of their role they work

Employees have to ensure that they have a legitimate work visa. If someone is moving with a company, the company may take the necessary initiative. Unless the company is resultant to help on that, then skilled expats will need this , Employment pass( who will earn 2600 USD) per month ,S pass( who will earn 1700 USD) per month. Both of this valid up to two years.

There have certain criteria to meet before one become a permanent resident. One has to meet the following criteria

-holding an employment pass for six months

– Spouse from a permanent member of Singapore

-foreign investor

One should keep in their mind that easy, at least six months to a year need to complete the whole procedure. Anyone who in Singapore for more than two years either an employment or s pass may apply for permanent residency. The whole procedure should be completed through the online process by the Electronic Permanent Residence system, then applications are submitted to the immigration and Checkpoints Authority.  However, above it has given shorty at first how to get immigration from Singapore and what are the requirements to get immigration there are. Mainly, immigration is a legal process which depends on the duration and legal documents, work and existence on applying country. It is also mentionable that, in modern era, all the procedure of immigrations have developed, modernized and more complicated. Comparatively, it is a more perplexing context to get immigration and permanent residency than the previous time.

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