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How to get immigration from Portugal has become a talk of the topic among people who want to migrate there. Immigration is such type of phenomena which brings about move one place to another place. For various reasons and purposes people migrate and leaving their homeland. Educational migration, business/investment migration, political migration, security migrations are some of the common types of migration. But this is inevitable that unlike past the immigration law is stronger than any other times establishing by developed states, as  the recent time the world is encountering geopolitical crisis, refugee problem and increased terrorism dilemma. Terrorism which can be appraised as a curse for the modern world, it expanding xenophobia among many people. As a result, immigrants, visitors are suffering rapidly with restrictions. Though these perplexing issues have outbreak strongly it will not take a long extent. It can be optimized that, by immigration law-regulations, foreign policy, world seminars, bilateral talk/discussion, mutual compromise, the whole scenario will be gradually simplified. Below, it should discuss why Portugal is a good choice for immigration. The main discussion here will include how to get immigration from Portugal and what the requirements to immigrate there are.

It should discuss here, why Portugal is a good choice for immigration? Portugal is located in Sothern Europe, and one of the oldest nation in Europe. Portugal is considered to be a developed country in the world. Its income rate is very high with a GDP per capita of 77% of the EU28 average in 2017. Portugal has a splendid environment to cope up people with that atmosphere. Summers and mild winter ascertains that that residents are comfortable and that the flora is fascinating.  The living cost and expenses in that country are low, even people with a fixed income enough to spare their living cost. One good thing the immigrants and visitors may find to Portugal that is, people much friendly, candid and helpful. Portuguese is a mother language there but in Portugal English is a language which is widely spoken. Portugal is a considered to be a quiet, peaceful and affordable country to live. Here, the crime rate is very low. In health and education sectors Portuguese are modernized, computerized and developed. This country has many international schools and they maintain a high standard in education. So, there has more good reason why Portugal is a good choice for immigration?

Portugal is a member state of European Union member state and gives visa –free entry to all European Union, European Economic Area and Swiss citizen, their acquaintance even they are not from the European Union. European Union nationals have accession for three months to this country finding a job or organize a business for them. When the European Union nation finds a job and contracted they are entitled as same right as Portuguese deserve. Portugal is also a Schengen Area, which is formed by 26 countries without any border restriction. Both the European Union and European Free Trade Association are entitled to visit Portugal but they must apply for a registration certificate when they exist for more than three months. European Union citizen may apply for permanent residence certificate when they exist more than 5 years. In contrast, the Portuguese immigration system also includes several   international agreements with non-Eu countries. United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand citizens are entitled to stay in Portugal for 90 days within 6 months period apart from any Portuguese visa by Portuguese immigration system which includes several international agreements. When the  non-European union and European free Trade Association national who aspire to exist for  more than three months, they should apply for a  Portuguese residency visa before access to that country.

A question may arise what are the requirements to immigrate there are. Portuguese visa requirements rely on the purpose of visit and how long intend to exist there. If nationality requires an entry visa or long term residence permit for Portugal, one must apply for the relevant Portuguese visa application to that situation. Long-term Portuguese visas can be given on the following conditions

-To accompany an acquaintance for health

– Establishment of international commitments

-To pursue scientific research

-Temporary job or individual employment

–  Within the World Trade Organization to give services transfer of employees between countries

A Portuguese residence visa is a visa for four- month, to request a residence permit after arrival. This may be provided for any of the following grounds.

-Work of an employee

– Individual employment

– Reunion of family

-education, internship or voluntary service

– Scientific research

– Pensioners and for incoming people

As Schengen National ‘Long-stay” Visa as the Portuguese residence visa can be provided to an individual who will be doing job ,studying or permanently staying in a Schengen area country for a duration. As a multi- entry visa, this can be issued which allows travel to other Schengen countries, given the holder, meets certain criteria. So basically, it has shown broadly how to get immigration from Portugal.

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