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How to get immigration from Spain has become a popular topic among those people who want to migrate there. Present time, migrations and immigrations are very common phenomena. But these phenomena are not new rather since middle -age people had the aptitude to stay in a better place with better work. Most of the people by born try to find out a suitable environment to live, work and develop their life patterns. When people successfully give a better chance to change their life patterns surrounding a forceful environment they chose to visit there for specific purposes. Recent time, there have many reasons behind migration of people, economic migration, educational migration, business/investment migration, security migration, environment or climate migration, to escape from poverty, to avoid national/social conflict, to lead a better life. In developing and developed countries people suffer many gruesome problems, even the fundamental rights are not properly given to them .political and national conflicts are common problems most of the developing or poor countries. Existing problems are the prime reasons behind many people leave their homeland for a better place, it is only a reason for immigration but immigration occurs for many purposes. It should also discuss why Spain is a good place to migrate and what are the requirements to immigration.

Spain is considered as a developed country. Spain is established in “Southwestern Europe”. The health care system of Spain is very quick with a great quality of service, Spanish people and government are very much concern about health -related issue. Comparing with many other countries around the world Spanish has a very low crime rate and strong public security system. Spanish people are genetically well mannered, generous, peacekeeping and amiable. Spain has a good atmosphere to live, good investment opportunities, and the cheap price of goods. Spain has a very good value of money and Spanish people generally live a long life with this best atmosphere. To buy a property in Spain is very much accessible, even government ponders the buying agent which is legal. Spain has a strong economy, people may easily invest here and Spain is among those countries where property value increase rate is high in Europe. To live a better life in Spain is a splendid idea for those people who want to migrate there. By migrating there people will experience great pleasure of life. Above, it has discussed why Spain is a good choice to migrate. It should discuss how to get immigration from Spain and what are the requirements to immigration.

There have many ways to get a residence permit in Spain. To try to achieve any work permit is quite different than getting a non-lucrative Visa. The European Union, European Economic Zone people do not require resident permit rather Schengen agreement allows to stay and work there easily, but EU registry certificate is compulsory. For Non –European Union Citizen, it hasto apply to the embassy of Spain and they will proceed the application to the competent institutions who will accept or deny it. The accepted visa permits to travel within 90 days. The residence permit allows staying there 1 year. To get work permit many foreigners to intentionally stay in Spain as another residence permit may be more critical to fulfilling proper requirements. After getting the Visa from Spanish consultant, the NIE number (basic identification number for foreigners). The NIE number (basic identification number for foreigners) is for all legal formalities work such as to open a bank account, to find a job, to buy legal property etc . Few things are essential elements which are always needed, a clear criminal record for the last 5 years, Health insurance documents, Passport, Economic stability prove. But certain things will add later after analyzing the circumstances. In terms of entrepreneur Visa, an independent employee or business person have to show the business plan project as a document. All documents, data and information which are submitted for a residence permit are translated into the Spanish language and legalized with the Universal legislation. Here it has shown, how to get immigration from Spain and what are the requirements to get immigration. Spain is one of the developed countries in the world, many foreign citizens may be an enthusiast to visit there and work there and Spain is a good choice to migrate. Developing and poor countries people are more enthusiasm in recent time to Visit and work in developed countries as they are suffering work problem in their countries. But, recent time all countries mainly developed countries have tightened their immigration law for the various problem such as intruders problem, refugee problems, increased high crime rates, Conflicts among countries, political or geopolitical conflicts. But none is above law, so immigrants from any country have to follow the requirements and law in countries whereabouts they are staying and working.

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