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How to get immigration from France, is a popular talk of the topic among people who want to migrate other countries from their homeland. Nowadays, migration has become very popular word. People want to migrate for various reasons and purposes, some of them are political, educational, economic, national crisis environmental, public security, social instability, employment, job, investment and better opportunity etc. Even, it is clearly found few people only migrate for a better and luxury lifestyle, to change their life patterns. Though people migrate from all around the word but mostly people migrate from developing country and poor country. Ever where around the world migration are given by specific, rules, regulations and law. Recent times, the “immigration law’ has tightened more than other laws. In developing and poor country people suffer various problem and dilemma. There has still employment in the field of employment and public security .Even, many of people are not appraised notwithstanding highly educated. As a result of high unemployment rate along with crime rate is also increasing. People as a repercussion veering their mind to move other countries. France is one of the developed whereabouts many immigrants stays peacefully. It should know before why France is a good choice to immigrate rather than how to get immigration from France? it should also be discussed the requirements for immigration.

It can be discussed here that the reason behind why France is the good choice to immigrate. France has long historical background for immigration. The Health care system of France can be labelled as top classed. The government executes the health care system of this country which is still affordable for all people, even the price of medicine is cheap than other European countries. The Educational system is also very well in France. The tuition fees are almost free. Educational Institutions are well equipped with good lecturers. The public security system of France is very praiseworthy, government of France are more cautious public and social safety. The statute of France is very strict as a civil law system. France is considered a high class economy in the world, even 7th ranking in the world. Along with economic thriving the trade and business in France is high running. France has highly qualified productive human resources and a vibrant market place in the center of Europe. The people of France is more innovative, polite and highly educated .So, as a Country established in the center of Europe, France is a good choice to immigrate.

Now, move the legal points, how to get immigration from France? The citizen of European Union and European Economic Area does not need Visa as France is part of them. However, people who wants to migrate to France, it is essential for them to apply for an extended visa. It is essential for anyone who determines to stay in France above 90 days. The long term Visa are four types I. resides for personal reasons II) stay for employment III) stay for study purpose IV) resides for reunion with family members. However, the documents required to migrate to France are given below.
i) An application form fulfilled with correct information
II) Duplication of the first and last page of passport, previous Schengen entry stamps and visas.
III) Two recent photographs of passport size
IV)Evidence of having paid the fee of visa
V) Travel insurance
VI) Evidence of having enough money to cover the expenses accommodation and living in France

The additional requirements for a Student Visa are certificate of professional university, copy of last educational degree, copy of Scholarship certificate if applicable. The additional requirements for a work Visas are copy of contract documents, scientists need an appointment letter from past research center, self-employed needs business registration documents. The additional requirements for family reunions are, for spouse a marriage certificate, for parent’s evidence of family unity and sponsor’s birth certificate copy, for children proof of relationship and a copy of parent’s passport. If anyone who has been staying in France at least 5 years he may apply for French citizenship. It is compulsory for them who are seeking for French citizenship that, they are now mixed-up with French culture-tradition, their French writing –speaking abilities are excellent .The people who married French citizen their marriage life has past at least three years.

Above it has been successfully shown that, how to get immigration from France. Though the citizen of European Union and European Economic Area does not need Visa as France is part of them. The requirements for immigration has been tightening every year mainly for security purpose. France is a good choice to immigrate for various reasons. People of this country accepts infidels, France has a good economy, public and national security system are enough strong to protect citizen and people are highly educated and innovative.

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