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How to get immigration from Switzerland has become a talk of the topic among those people who want to migrate there. At the confluence of Western, Central, and Southern Europe, Switzerland is located. This country is immensely beautiful, quiet, and developed. People from various countries, most developing and poor countries intent to move to a better place to live a meaningful and better life. Still, in few developing countries, there has much lack of development. Employment problems, security problems still exist in few developing countries. Thinking forwards the people of poor and developing countries when finding an opportunity to move to a better place, accept it candidly.  But this should mentionable point here, recent time the requirements and process of immigration are harder than the previous time. Risen terrorism, refugee problems, and illegal intruders making the circumstances and global atmosphere more worsen. As a result, the process of immigration is now more transparent, sophisticated, more critical context.  At first, it should mention here that why Switzerland is a good choice for immigration. The meaning of it, the reason behind people likes to immigrate to Switzerland. Later, what the requirement for immigration there are, should also discuss here.

Since 1980, there has been significant immigration to Switzerland. This country is an ex-pat hotspot for a long duration of time.  This is not an easy job to move there rather a quite difficult process to move there. Now, it is one of the populist countries to immigrate to. The quality of life, peaceful environment, friendly people, and its scenic nature make people fascinated to move there. As a developed country, the education and healthcare system of this country is developed, systemized, transparent and computerized.  There have good opportunities for work there, and even employers get a good amount of salary to lead their life there easily.  The crime rate of Switzerland is low, a safe place for citizens. This country is one of the economically thriving countries in the European Union. This country has a high-tech economy and enjoys great wealth and the by per capita in multiple rankings have ranked wealthiest country in the world. By the constitution of this country, it provides freedom of the press and the right to free expression. Swiss residents are required to accept private health insurance, every applicant compulsorily accepts it. There are few reasons, why Switzerland is a good choice for immigration. Briefly, as far as possible, here has mentioned few points the reason behind immigration there.

To move to Switzerland must go through these two processes, apply for either a Swiss work visa, study visa, or family visa, obtain the appropriate resident permit. The reasons people immigrate to Switzerland are for work, studying, or joining a family member/spouse. Before moving to Switzerland, have to apply for the appropriate visa. I) Work visa of Switzerland, ii) Student Visa of Switzerland, III) Family reunion visa of Switzerland. Each visa has individual requirements, restrictions, and clauses which is an essential element in the procedure of Visa and immigration. If want to move to Switzerland, Everyone has to apply for a residence permit even in matter EU/EFTA nationals. At the cantonal immigration office of the canton, when people want to apply for a resident permit. 26 cantons are consisted by Switzerland for issuing residence permits and work authorization to the immigrants, they are responsible. Within 14 days of accessing Switzerland, one must apply for a residence permit. The first time, immigrants who want to move to Switzerland will be given these residence permits. The first- time immigrants who want to move to Switzerland will be given residence permits, short-term residence, valid for up to one year (Permit L), temporary residence. Which is given for up to five years to EU/EFTA nationals, and for one year for non-EU/EFTA nationals (Permit B). After staying in Switzerland for 10 continuous years people are eligible to apply for the “Swiss permanent residence and citizenship “(Permit C). When passing 12 years with permanent residency, to become naturalized as a citizen of the Swiss one can apply. EU/EFTA national, after 5 years passing there they may apply for permanent residence. This is, how to get immigration from Switzerland. The specific, what the requirement for immigration there are, also referred above.

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