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How to develop a carrier by studying at science, is a popular topic among students who are studying in this field. At first, it should give a slight implication about science. The pure definition of science is,pursuance and analysis –research of knowledge and utilization ofnatural phenomena following a systematic methodology based on evidence-experience. The discussion, critical analysis, experience of science topic can be summarized as a worthy, contradictory and beyond controversy. Still science has paucity to understand much contents in one sense, meanwhile, people are living a blissful life contributed by science. People are so much depended on this “science “blessed lifestyle that, now apart from science, a world is like lifeless. From Schools, colleges, educational institutions, offices, business transactions to household chores everything is equipped with modern technology and science. From the perspective of Bangladesh, every science students are benefited to move other fields of commerce and arts after SSC and HSC. This is one of the most worthy amenities for those students who study at science or studied at science. Basically, students are enthusiasm over science for not only that they dream their future as a doctor, engineer, it specialist but also having an opportunity to move other fields later.The Science department offers a hardest and lucrative carrier among students who pursue it.

When a student is selected in the field of science as a student of class 9 he has to go through “physics”, “chemistry” ,” biology”“, information technology” and “Higher math” besides other general subjects which are the subjects of “science”. Till 2 years he studies, analysis and research on these subjects as his compulsory subject. Though in Bangladesh all of the school and colleges are equipped with “biology lab” ,” computer lab” and a “good library” , even many rural educational institutions are now well equipped to provide science students with  every opportunity. Even government, NGOs and other private sectors have been successfully funded money for developed rural educational institutions. After SSC examination every science students are entitled to move other fields of commerce and Arts willingly. Because of the low GPA, many students unwillingly change his subject. The students who study science at HSC level have to study more. Students of science at HSC studying acquire a more profound knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, higher math. Even this science subject physics, chemistry, biology, higher math forms with part 1 and part 2 at HSC level.Now, it can make the discussion ofHow to develop carrier by studying at science.  Though there have many other subjects by whom a student can build their carrier notwithstanding, the Science department offers a hardest and lucrative carrier like others.

After HSC examination, every student of science are entitled to reshuffle their studying fields with required GPA. Few of times students change their subject due to not get admitted into the desiring faculty. But those students who luckily pursue an education in the field of science may choose any one department and faculty to accomplish their honours degree as they have plenty of faculties and departments there.  Both private and public universities offer honours and master’s degree in the field of science as (1) Physics, (2) Mathematics (3) Chemistry (4) Statistics (5) Theoretical Physics (6) Biomedical Physics and Technology (7) Applied Mathematics and (8) Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (9) Computer science (10) Engineering and technology (11) pharmacy .Many engineering institutions offers Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering:, Faculty of Engineering. Even those students want to be a doctor they pursue the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).How to develop a carrier by studying at science is a popular topic among students. It has been also shown which the subjects of science are. Many of students in Bangladesh embrace science as they want to be doctor, engineer, IT specialist, a pilot since childhood as their dream. But the department and facilities of science fulfil the dream who at last complete all necessary degrees which they pursue.  At last, it can be said affirmatively, Science department offers a hardest and lucrative carrier generally who studies at the fields tirelessly.

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