How to get admission in the faculty of Science to the Dhaka University

How to get admission in the faculty of Science to the Dhaka University has become a talk of the topic among students who aspire to admit there. University of Dhaka is one of the best renowned university with a best quality of education. Since the genesis of this reputed university it pursuing its great quality of education, best teaching quality and with a splendid atmosphere for equipping knowledge. This is the main reason why every year the students who pass HSC or equal valance degree from all around Bangladesh see dream to be a student of this university. Historically it was shown University of Dhaka was established in 1921 and pioneered by Nawab Bahadur Sir Khawaja Salimullah.  As one of the oldest and best universities in Bangladesh Dhaka University selects students by an admission procedure every year. But it is also very much painstaking to admit the University of Dhaka for any department, the reason behind this is, strongest competing. Each and every students who successfully admit, the University of Dhaka encounter a very long competition to be selected and this is inevitable. The students of university of Dhaka sometimes called as a “gemstone “. It should discuss below why students want to admit University of Dhaka.

University of Dhaka , not only have peaked their reputation high producing head of the country but also require best professional dean, lecturers and professor from Bangladesh. Many of destitute and poor student’s lack of education due to high expense of cost, meanwhile poor meritorious students may successfully build their greatest carrier by studying here. The expense of education is here praise worthy low that every students can bear it. A students acquire greatest wisdom and acknowledged with a cheapest price, this credibility has enlightened the name of this university greatly. Before moving to the other point it should refer that, this university has “KOTA” opportunity for socially specialized students. For rural and lack of accommodation students, this university has established many halls. This university is not only best in perspective in Bangladesh, present time the reputation and successfulness of this university is worldly acknowledged. University of Dhaka, is ranked #801-1000 in QS Global World University Rankings 2021. Here it has mentioned a bunch of reason why students want to admit University of Dhaka and what is its credibility.  What is the requirements to admit here?

Admission for faculty of Science to Dhaka University is held under “KA unit or “A “unit. Now, move to the points, what is the requirements to admit here?  Admission requirements for candidates must have total GPA 8.00 (with 4th subject) in SSC and HSC level exams. A unit (KA) also known as Science Faculty.  University of Dhaka authority has changed their examination marks distribution procedure, this year 2020-2021.  There have been reduced MCQ and CGPA marks and have increased written examination marks. From the next academic year 100 marks examination will be held. 40 marks is allocated for written, 40 marks is allocated for MCQ and other 20 marks is allocated for CGPA. The Result every year published by online .How to get admission in the faculty of Science Faculty to Dhaka University and What is the requirements to admit here have totally mentioned here. But it is not easy for any student to get admit here rather it is painstaking. Every year many students see a dream to find them a student of this university. But luckily limited students get the opportunity to admit here, luckily this word in respect of that most of the student do a hard work and give time to their study. According to the rules and limited seats, University of Dhaka is compelled to select few of them. There has a proverb that Industry is the key to success, the students who selected here by the examination procedure should embrace this credibility, meanwhile those students who futile to be selected by this examination procedure should not discourage. University of Dhaka should not considered only a university in Bangladesh whereabouts students attain knowledge rather it should be appraised as an asset of Bangladesh which produce many” gemstone student “.  University of Dhaka has widespread their name and fame rapidly.

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