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How to get immigration from Iceland has become a common topic among people who want to move there. Iceland is a developed, beautiful, developed, and peaceful country which is situated in Europe. It is investable that, the stream of immigration started by the thought of people to move a better place. People generally want to move to a better place for their betterment of life. There are many types of immigration, economic immigration, job immigration, educational immigration, environment immigration, political immigration, business/investment immigration are some of them. As the world economic and political scenario is changing, gradually the immigration process is also changing, rather it is going to be stricter than the previous time. Refugee and illegal immigrants are problems are now the most gruesome problems, in the field of immigration. It is optimized that by bilateral, multilateral, agreements of states and the prime role of the UN the problem will be mitigated soon. But still, a question of how long it would take. Now, move to the point, why Iceland is a good choice for immigration?  It is not confined to one short answer rather it should take more points to describe it.  Later, it can discuss here that what are the requirements for immigration there are.

Why Iceland is a good choice for immigration?  Iceland is an economically developed country along with the economy, the country is one of the developed countries in Europe. It is up near the Arctic Circle, so in this respect, the days of summer is too long and the nights of winter are too long.  Iceland is a safe place to visit, the crime rate of this country is also very low. It is a safe place for women. Not knowing Icelandic, the mother language of Iceland, is not a matter of concern, as English is frequently used there. In Iceland, people are peace-loving, frank and as a result, this country is the world’s 4th happiest country. A resident permit is available for those students who get a chance to study here. The people of this country are almost educated, the liberate rate of this country is 99 %. The employment rate of this country is very high, employment is available there. By the state, Health insurance of Iceland is covered with evet person paying their contribution through service fees and taxes. This may be the appropriate answer, Why Iceland is a good choice for immigration? It could not say that to move there is best, but a good decision.

 A residence permit is stated in Art. 55 of the Foreign Nationals Act No. 80/2016 and in Regulation no. 540/2017. Before working in Iceland, a citizen from a state outside the European Economic Area (EEA), the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), must obtain a work permit and a residence permit. There are four categories of “the resident permit,” Qualified professionals (Experts”) ,” Athletes” ,’ Temporary employee shortage” “, ‘Collaboration permit”.   To obtain a residence permit, I. To find employment and sign a contract with the powerful employer, a residence permit will be issued by the Directorate of Immigration, based on the job if all requirements are met.  II) Duration for general application processing is up to 3 months. The basic to obtain a residence permit, few valid requirements are, legal passport, legal health insurance, criminal background check, show a secure income. At the Directorate of immigration. If granted the permit, must show up in person within a week of your arrival in Iceland to be photographed. The first work permit is issued for one year, the permit may be renewed for two years when there are no issues with taxes. People are entitled to apply for a permanent residence permit, giving certain conditions are met, after living there continuously for four years. So, this is complete, how to get immigration from Iceland. It has also shown here, what are the requirements for immigration there are. Iceland is a beautiful, small and splendid country to immigrate to. The people of that country candidly embrace immigrants, visitors. A safe place for visitors, a good environment for people, developed country are most desiring things which people search.  So, this is obviously a good idea to move there when people get immigration from Iceland.

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