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How to get immigration from Netherlands has become a talk of topic among people who want to migrate there. These word “migration “and “immigrations are neither common phenomena nor behavior. Since the period of evolution humans are by nature seek to move one place to another for better life of life. Though in past there has one reason behind immigration which was mainly betterment of life. But present time there have many reasons behind immigration. Economic migration, Education migration, job migration, family reunion, to avoid social conflict, bad environmental factors, betterment of health, investment opportunities. Generally the people of developing state seek to live in a better place for take the best opportunities of life. But developing countries still has many vital problem that they cannot tackle all problems of people. Still developing countries have education problems, job problems, lack of development, high corruption and lack of rule of law. The people are veering their mind to stay abroad leaving their own homeland when they get a chance to move other place. People seek to a secured life, secured job which still a developing country cannot afford it. Now, it can be discussed here that, why Netherland is a good choice for immigration and what are the requirements to immigration.

A question may arise here, why Netherland is a good choice for immigration? Netherlands is situated in Western Europe. Netherland has good economy and plays a vital role in European economy. Netherland has a very good education system, here most of the students come out with a good result. It is easy to find a good job there with a good grade. As a developed country Netherland has a good background for non-violent and peaceful place .There has political and social stability in Netherland. This country is appraised by world for superior health care system with a mandatory health insurance. In Netherland people often use English as a common language so, worldwide English narrative people can cope up there. It is very easy to visit with a short period of time Netherland as it is a small country. It has discussed shorty why Netherlands is a good choice for immigration? Mainly, migration occurs when a country has a bunch of opportunities to give people the real meaning of life. Now, below it should be discuss how to get immigration from Netherland and what the requirements to migration are.

Immigration law and procedure in the Netherlands is tough, it is essential to follow bureaucratic hoops to stay and work there. People of European Union, European Economic zone and Netherlands do not need visa to access Netherlands. United States of America, Uruguay, Vatican City and Venezuela, Panama, Paraguay, San Marino, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Serbia, Seychelles, Malaysia, Chili, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, Canada these country may visit there up to 90 days without Visa. Other countries Citizens need to apply for a short stay Visa –which permits them visits for up to 90 days in a 180 day period. This Short stay Schengen Visa may tourist or business Visa. Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan and Sri Lanka these countries citizen need transit Visa when they go to the airport of Schengen Area. People of European Union, European Economic do not need a residence permit to stay In Netherlands. To stay their more than 4 months must register with the local municipality and get a citizen service number. People of European Union, European Economic zone and Swiss does not require restrict to stay and work there. Croatian citizens have few restrictions. The first steps for Citizens from non-European countries will requires a residence permit to stay or employed in Netherlands. Provisional residence authorization is first procedure to apply, a Visa Sticker in passport to permit access in this country. The residence permit and provisional residence authorization are applied during the time of Entry Residence procedure. The US, Australia, Canada, South Korea citizens do not require Provisional residence authorization. At the time employment or study the residence permit is issued. To achieve residence it is essential to register with local municipality and get citizen service number. Above it has shown that, how to get immigration from Netherlands and what are the requirements to get it. Since the genesis of evolution these word “immigration and Migration” are introduced. People always see dream to live and work in a better place with a better environment. But residence from poor or developing countries take the opportunity with their capability to stay in better places. At present time, most of the developed countries have tightened their immigration Statute and law for many reasons war-affected refugees, intruders, illegal citizens. But immigration legislation have made strong to retain stability in countries. People from any area of the world have to respect other countries law and statues.

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