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How to get immigration from South Korea has become the talk of the topic among people who have the eagerness to migrate there. People have a big tendency to live in a suitable place, secured place, lead a good and healthy life. Since past time, immigration and migration phenomena are very much common among people. People generally move to one place to another for betterment new experiential of his life. There have many reasons behind immigration, the purpose of trade/business/job /investment, the purpose of education, the purpose of secured and better lifestyle, the security purpose, people even become political migrant to other country .These are the main reason behind the cause of immigration. Though recent time immigration law and statute is making more and harder. Government of developed and many developing countries are compelling to tighten their statute the rise of terrorism, refugee and intruder problem which is one of the gruesome problems in present time. How to get immigration from South Korea, this answer is broad. It should also be discussed what are the requirements to migrate there and why South Korea is a good choice for immigration.

The question arise easily, why South Korea is a good choice for immigration? The people of Korea is homogeneous but is not very much difficult to cope up with them. Once people become befriend with them, people will find South Korean people very generous and candid. By some survey, it has been shown that South Korea is the most educated country in the world. The educational institutions of South Korea is equipped with modern technology. The health care system of South Korea is one of the best in the world. The health care system of South Korea is curbed by the South Korean government, though doctors and staffs get less amount of money people can get good treatment from there. South Korea has most powerful statute about public security. Even, South Korea is very safe country for visitor and foreigners. South Korean people have less xenophobia. South Korean public security is stronger than many developed countries in the world. South Korea is considered for hard working people. Though it is a difficult for foreigner to get a job from here at first, it is not almost impossible. As South Korea always emphasize intelligence, to get a job people might be a versatile genius.

The main question may be asked here, how to get immigration from South Korea? The Visa requirements for South Korea is comparatively difficult. The application process is vacillating, there have many ways to apply depending on what is needed. The most straight forward part regarding Korean Visas are the costs. The foreigners who enter South Korea aiming to stay for longer than 90 days have to register with local immigration authorities within the first 3 months, the existence of them. It is considered a consul recommendation to allow the foreigner to access the country by South Korea. This means notwithstanding having a valid Korean visa a custom officer can reject the visa. The validity of a South Korean visa is for three months. It is strictly restricted to enter South Korea during Visa processing. On the other hand, employment Visa in South Korea requires what is needed.
E-1 Professor Visa
E-2 Foreign Language Instructor
E-3 Research
E-4 Technological Guidance
E-5Speical Profession
E6-Culture and Art
E-7 Specially Designed activities
D-5 Long term new coverage.
Aforementioned names are some sorts of Employment Visa. Alien Registration card Visa is who staying South Korea more than six months need this. As a personal identification card, expats use it. By using this card, the Resident Registration Card will be provided to open a bank account or local medical practice purpose.
The person who is intended to stay in South Korea and continue their business as an endeavor or investor in the company of south Korea , might need specifications about to intracompany transfer (D-7) , Corporate investment (D-8) , Trade management (D-9) these type of visa.
What is the requirement of South Korean Visa? South Korea’s work Visa documents are discussing here.
-Completed application form
-valid passport

  • Color passport size photograph
    Visa application process requires job contract, educational and professional certificate and data, Criminal record or a letter of recommendation. At the time of applying, payment is required. The data and documents which are submitting during apply for visa, depends on which kinds of visa opt for. Above, it has shown how to get immigration from South Korea shortly and what are the requirements for immigration. The truth is that visas and immigration are totally legal procedure though depending variations of countries. Today, most of the countries immigration and entry process is comparatively strict than other times as a result of various phenome around the world.

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