How to get immigration from Canada –

How to get immigration from Canada has become a “conundrum” recent times. As people live in a developing country, sees the dream of living a developed states. Canada is situated in the northern part of “North America” .Canada as a developed country has the seventeenth-highest nominal per-capita income globally. Generally, people from developing country apply to Canada for immigration and citizenship. More broadly, people seek to apply Canada for travel, study, work, immigration, citizenship, permanent resident card .whatever has mentioned here, the main purpose of people of developing state apply there behind this reason. To this valid point, Canada is still a famous country for immigration and education. A critical question may arise here that, having their own country why do people want to migrate to another country, seeking immigration in the developed country every year? The answer to this question is not so simple that it can be answered, rather it needs a broad answer. There has mainly classification and reclassification of migration. The main reason behind the migration is political, environmental, social, and economic. Even people wants to migrate in developed states due to political and social “instability” .When law and order of any country establishes for many reason , the people of the feel insecure to stay there with their family. Thinking -forward for a secured life at this moment many people from developing country simply wants to move. Canada is good choice for settlement of life, therefore, the key requirements for applicants will be discussed here. Canada is a good choice for a better life style, availability of employment and economic thrived state.

As mentioned above about the various reason for “immigration” .Now, how to get immigration from Canada can be briefed here. As mentioned above, Canada is a good choice for a better lifestyle, availability of employment and economic thrived “state” .Recently, under the economic class, Canada Government established the Express immigration system including skilled worker program. Under this program across more than three hundred appropriate occupations who met access criteria, provides an expression of interest profile to the express entry pool. Under a ranking system, in a pool the candidates’ profiles are ranked. The Candidates who topped in the pool will be invited to apply for permanent residence of Canada. Those are invited are obliged to admit an application within 60 days. Those who are considered as a federal skilled worker are persons with good education, proficient, who has language abilities of Canada’s official language. Bur there has also a clause, under the express entry immigration system they also are considered selected to apply for a permanent resident. As a Federal skilled worker, applicants must fulfil criteria qualifying for admission to the Express Entry pool. The important clause should be appropriately discussed to know how to get immigration from Canada. The key requirement for applicants are.

1.Possess full time one year paid employment /equally within previous 10 years part-time employment from one of 347 eligible occupations listed.

  1. Professional occupations, managerial occupations, technical occupation and skilled trades must be classified within any work experience by the meaning of National Occupation Classification system,
  2. Pass mark point is 67 points, compromising of six selection factors under the skilled employer point grid
  3. Applicant encounter language testing system by an “impartial party”, should be achieving good marks in English, French, Canadian language.
  4. It is sentential to have funding money for the settlement, health examination.

The key requirements for applicants, to qualify every selected applicant to have to obtain 67 points out of 100. Education, working experience, language, adjustability, age and language are key factors to be selected. To make one qualified one has to fulfil criteria based on working expertise, language, adjustability, age.

  1. Education =Maximum of 25 points is needed
  2. Language =Maximum of 28 points and minimum of16 points are needed
  3. Age= maximum 12 of points is needed
  4. Working expertise =maximum 15 of points is needed and minimum of 9 point are needed
    5adjustability =Maximum of 10 points are needed
    Pivotal points for awarding under this selection process are acquaintance lives in Canada and spouse has the educational background, working experience and proficiency in Canadian Language. This is the basic process on how to get immigration from Canada.

Recent time, it is axiomatic that every citizen of a developing country faces many problems. This does not indicate that, in a developing country there has paucity regarding job and law system. Rather, it should be the answer everyone in this earth seeks betterment. Though another truth is that, economic, security, job problem push many citizens to migrate unwillingly. People want to migrate developed state as they want some rejoice of job and can easily be said here why Canada is a good choice. All the reason are behind daily many people inquires how to get immigration from Canada.

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