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How to get immigration from German has become a talk of the topic during recent times, those who seek to migrate to other countries from their homeland. Nowadays,” migration” and “Immigration” have become a common issue all around the “world” .To exodus from one’s place is an ancient” concept” .People of this age seek to migrate for several reasons. The people of developing countries and poor countries have a dream a betterment of life .when this The people of developing countries and poor countries destitute by their prime requirements to lead a life from their homeland ,they try to find other solution to solve it and this is the prime reasons behind immigration. Lack of employment, social instability, better opportunity, lead a worth of life are the reason behind migration. Though there have other many reasons behind “migration’ has added, recently. Even, few people leave their homeland just to live a luxury life in a developed state or country. Though many people leave their country due to social instability and lack of implication of rule of law in the developing countries. This type of “gruesome” context pushing many people to settle other countries, to lead a secured life. It is better to know at first why to immigration to German, rather than how to get immigration from German?

Now, it should discuss here why to immigration to German. German is one the best- developed country in this world, having a total $4.444 trillion GDP. More than 9 million people from other countries live in Germany in recent time. Germany in is considered to be a fifth ranking country which is favorable to migrate. German has a well and high quality of education system, good employment opportunities, strong economy and strict legal system which make Germany one of the best countries to live, all around the world. The government and statute of Germany always promptitude people’s rights such as freedom of speech expression and implication of rule of law .Here migrate students get better employment and job opportunity. German has one of the best health care system which topped them as a “role model” in this world. The legal residents of German are entitled to “Free of cost “health service” with certain clause. All German Educational intuition are equipped with modern technology and amiable environment .Even, German has a good reputation to an “amicable environment” for study.

Now, it can be discussed here how to get immigration from Germany. Though there have many steps which people can immigration to Germany with some “requirements” .To get the immigration from Germany one has to fulfil the following requirement .The requirement for immigration isbelow.

I) Prove economic stability: Every applicant has to capable to invest and finance themselves in Germany. Even, when someone is working in Germany he has a fund to lead a life until he gets his salary from his working place.

II) Have health insurance: Someone needs a potential health insurance coverage to get immigration to Germany. It is compulsory to have a German Health insurance card.

III) Having a basic proficiency in German: To lead a life in Germany, it is essential to keep more acknowledgment about German. Every applicant has to go through an examination to prove his proficiency in the language.

IV) German immigration for job seekers: German always give privileges’ highly educated people, rather than a skilled worker. German seeks IT professionals, doctors, engineers and other highly educated people. Even immigration authorities have made immigration rules hardly strict for them. Due to this, by finding a job in Germany, it is easy to get immigration from Germany.

V) German Immigration for Education: German offers very low fees for “education “.This is the reason behind immigration to Germany with educational purposes. It is essential to achieve a visa to study in Germany, to immigrate to Germany for completing a degree from the university.

VI) Immigration for Entrepreneurs: The parties who are interested to invest money to Germany, are entitled an opportunity to get immigration. Three things have to prove here, one has enough fund to invest in Germany, This invest will boost German Economy, investment is demanding in Germany.

VII) Family Reunion Immigration: Few people stay in German leaving behind their family in other countries. But the German Government gives them an opportunity to the family reunion. Spouses and the children under 16 have entitled an opportunity to stay with their family member who stays in Germany. Spouses have to show a marriage certificate, children have to show birth certificate with German language proficiency who are above 16 years old.

VIII) German residence permits: By getting immigration of Germany, someone gets residence permit. Permanent and temporary. Temporary residence for a duration of time to stay here and leave, permanent is something when one can stay as long as he wants. But it is not something one gets German citizen card which is a different procedure. German has two temporary residence permits, another one is permanent.

Above, it has been shown how to get immigration from Germany. Though, there have many reasons behind “immigrate “to Germany .Butthe main elements are standard and secured lifestyle, a good place for investment and job opportunity. To fulfil the requirement for immigration one can see a dream to settle in Germany

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